Lauren Pollack

Communications Manager

Lauren has served in a variety of roles across the District’s public and private sectors. Prior to joining STG, Lauren worked on press and communications teams in the U.S. Senate, at the U.S. Department of the Interior, and at the American Planning Association. Lauren is a passionate environmental advocate, and is driven by progressive values that were instilled in her at a young age. 

Lauren graduated from The George Washington University where she earned her bachelor's degree in Political Communications and her master's degree in Media and Strategic Communication. In her undergraduate career, Lauren received the UN-FAO/GW Planet Forward Innovation Award for a mini-documentary she co-produced about urban sustainability.

A native of Stamford, Connecticut, Lauren is a storyteller, a political news junkie, and a #friendofthepod. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys listening to the Bon Appetít Foodcast and exploring the D.C. restaurant scene with friends.