Liz Trotter

Communications Associate

Liz is a policy specialist and environmental biologist originally hailing from Miami, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Forest Biology from SUNY ESF/Syracuse, where she assisted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on several forestry projects in the Adirondacks and went on to assisting forestry and wildlife population research with the National Park Service out West .

She spent the first years of her professional career working in Miami as a certified Environmental environmental Science science teacher for the state of Florida and as a coastal naturalist for the Biscayne Nature Center on Key Biscayne. Here she helped to raise awareness among young people regarding environmental science and climate change.

Having witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of inefficient policy, she decided to pursue her Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy from the Vermont Law School. There, she focused her studies on land law while working directly with alumni in Montpellier to lobby for more sustainable forestry and land processes. She produced several publications including her thesis, which was focused on reviving Tribal land policy and creating reclamation easements for brownfields. She recently assisted the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance on their Bears Ears campaign and continues to advocate for land matters.

Liz is kept by her pit bull Largo and lives in Columbia Heights. Her loves include the outdoors, coffee, snowboarding, yoga, reading, and whiskey.