From opposing the Keystone XL pipeline to protecting Americans’ health care, STG is a political and public affairs advocacy firm at the forefront of influencing policy outcomes at the state and federal level. Our original founders, Julianna Smoot and Paul Tewes, were instrumental architects of Barack Obama's presidential campaigns and led the Democratic party to victory with their skills, drive, and ambitions.  We embody the ethos of that campaign by embracing the notion of “respect, empower and include," and the Obama administration’s cutting edge approach, to develop data driven and results driven strategies.  

Our partners, Aaron Wells and Dan Kanninen, have decades of political experience, from managing congressional and mayoral campaigns, to directing campaigns in battleground states for Democratic presidential candidates. 

Today, we proudly work with clients who are changing the world for the better. We harness the power of digital, alongside traditional communications to craft powerful messages and deliver them to the right audiences.

We are communicators with a cause. We are good people doing good things.