Political and Electoral Strategy

We pride ourselves in being strategic, closely connected to our clients and ever mindful of their goals. But we also strive to be the do-ers. It’s a campaign ethos of being prepared to execute every idea, not simply suggest it and hope it happens. The combination of those values means that clients get a partner who both helps them think through a challenge and then also drive the solution.

  • Providing comprehensive guidance to clients and campaigns
  • Evaluating past media coverage through research
  • Driving solutions

At our core we are campaign architects. We have over two decades of experience in building strong internal campaign structures designed to streamline campaign decision-making and strategies. Whether they are small or large, all campaigns have immediate operational and logistical needs. With our campaign expertise, STG can seamlessly complement your existing structure or help you build it from the ground up.

  • Campaign budget development and execution
  • Assisting with the launch of a campaign or maintaining the infrastructure for the long haul
  • Campaign finance compliance
  • Meeting whatever other administrative and business operations needs you have