the campaign

STG managed communications teams in multiple states with Republican Senators considered “moveable” on the issue of health care. The overall objective was to prevent the repeal of the ACA by influencing public opinion and generating positive media coverage to build in-state pressure and move the targets.



our approach

STG works with in-state teams to identify the best issues, messengers, and tactics to draw media coverage, generate public pressure, keep up a drumbeat on social media, and ultimately move the target. Our in-depth knowledge of state politics means we know who the target listens to, which we leverage to move the needle locally and effect change nationally.

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After ACA repeal passed in the House, multiple proposed health care repeal bills in the Senate were eventually pulled because of insufficient support among GOP Senators – particularly those in our states. At the end of July, after months of working on these Senate targets, Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) – all in states where we were heavily active – bucked their party and voted against repeal of the ACA, killing the bill. In September, a revamped health care repeal bill was once again on the table. We generated massive in-state pressure on Senators to declare their opposition, and a vote on the bill was pulled at the last minute because of lack of support.